On 22 February 1920, a memorial service was held for members of Downing College who died on active service, 1914-1919. Attended by members of the College and relatives of those who had died, the order of service from that day reads:

"Brethren, we are here gathered together as one family to remember before God those whom we have known and loved in this place; and who, by sea and land and air, have in this war given their lives for their country and for us. Sorrowful, yet proud, in love and in sure confidence, we are to commend their souls to Him Who promised: Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

We shall thank Him for their examples, and for the heritage which they have left us. And we shall beseech God for ourselves, that there may be between us and them communion through Jesus Christ; and that we, like them, keeping His works unto the end, may finally be numbered among those who have overcome, and are counted worthy to enter into joy of the Lord. These were Members of the College who gave their lives:

Walter Douglas Aston

Sydney Garner Bennett

Ian Macdonald Brown

Guy Spencer Bryan-Brown

Alan Buchanan

Wilfred Charles Burgess

Guy Harold Corke

Frederick Charles Davies

Alfred Henry Dawe

David Dewar

Harold Dunkerley

Cecil Harry Edmunds

Robert Astley Franklin Eminson

William Wallis Everett

John Leslie Green

Gerald Harmer

Gerald William Hilliard

Henry William Huckle

David Jones Capenhurst Jenkins

Benton Ord Jolly

James John Kearney

George Ernest Howard Keesey

Alexander James Keith

John Young Alexander Line

George William Lyon

Arthur Duncan McLaren

Henry Duncan Ryan O'Reilly

Kenneth David Rees

William Haldane Round

Sydney Domville Rowland

Francis Skelton

Pierre Sterckeman

Ernest Pipkin Stratford

Gerald Moffat Stringer

Michael Topham

Charles Thomas Alexander Tyndall

Arthur George Richard Whitworth

John George Will

Frederick Thomas Austen Wilson

Samuel Brammer Wilton

We also commemorate  Joseph Andrew Martin Blogg, a servant of the College."

Following the service a memorial plaque was unveiled, permanently commemorating all Members who lost their lives in the war. The war memorial ends: "Their bodies are buried in peace but their name liveth for ever more."

This remained on display in the Hall until the Second World War, after which the tablet was moved to its current location under the western portico of the North Range. This location is especially fitting as responses to an appeal in July 1920 for ideas for a lasting memorial to those who had died had favoured a new building providing undergraduate rooms, although it was not until 1931 that the College began construction of the new North Range.

The following Downing member, Frederick  Rotherham Cecil, is not listed on the war memorial.  He is, however, commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and more information can be found on Frederick Rotherham Cecil here. 

Biographies of all those who died, linked to their profiles above, were published on the centenary of each of their deaths. It was discovered that Charles Tyndall had been included in error and actually survived the war. An article on Downing and the outbreak of war is now available online.