40 years of women at Downing

In 2020 Downing marked the 40th anniversary of the admission of female students to the College. We have acknowledged and celebrated Downing women past, present and future through a series of events, activities and communications.

Message from the Master

Master of Downing, Alan Bookbinder, says, "In October 1980, 24 women, our first cohort of female students, matriculated at Downing. They joined a community of just over 300 men and one woman Fellow. 40 years on we are celebrating the achievements of these 24 pioneers and all the Downing women who have followed them. The College was a late starter in admitting women, but we have made up for lost time to establish ourselves firmly as a place of welcome, diversity, and inclusion for all.”

40 Years of Women at Downing: A brief timeline

Virtual archive exhibition