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Support to study

Whether you are from the UK, the European Union or further overseas, we are dedicated to providing guidance and advice on how to meet the costs of tuition and day-to-day living. We believe that no student should miss out on fulfilling their academic potential because of financial concerns, so we offer a range of prizes, grants and bursaries.

For UK applicants, in addition to the government loan towards tuition fees and a (partially means-tested) maintenance loan, you may also be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to which Downing contributes. 

If you are from the European Union, you may be eligible for help in meeting living costs. You might also qualify for assistance from the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. 

For overseas students, there’s financial support available through the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust. 

We have a long tradition of recognising our high achievers and we continue to offer a considerable range of generously remunerated Scholarships and Prizes for students attaining 1st class honours in their subject. We offer a range of bursaries, grants and funding in support of the following:

  • Buying study-related text books
  • Academic visits, travel and vocational study trips
  • Relevant academic commitments such as learning a foreign language
  • College sport
  • Striving for excellence in music (particularly in relation to the Choir)
  • Unforeseen difficulties

Much of the extra financial support available is provided through donations to the College for that purpose including the Alumni Student Fund, which is provided by the Downing College Alumni Association.