University Cards

Cards are issued by the Tutorial Office, new students should collect their card at registration. Students with permission to arrive early collect their card from the Porters' Lodge.  Lent or Easter Term arrivals should collect their card from the Tutorial Office on arrival in College.

Your University card is used in the College Library and other libraries within the University and gives access to some University departments.

It can also be used to access catering services in the Servery and Butterfield Cafe, although you may pay by cash.

You can use your University card in the computer till situated in the Porters’ Lodge to keep a check on your food bill. This terminal is usually available 24 hours per day. The total displayed includes all your purchases in the Servery and Buttery since the start of the Term up to 11.00 pm the previous night. It will not show any amounts outstanding from previous Terms.

Lost University cards

If you lose your card for any reason, you should immediately inform the Tutorial and Admissions Office Staff and a replacement card will be ordered for you. Please note that a charge is made for all lost cards, this charge will be applied to your college bill.

All purchases made using your card will be charged to your account, so make sure that a lost card is reported for cancelation as soon as possible.

University card not working or expired?

Get in contact to order a new card via the Tutorial and Admissions office, email or phone 01223 334811 you must hand in your current card when collecting your new card to avoid a replacement card charge.


The University card issued to all students and staff is increasingly used around the University and College to grant access to services and facilities. You are reminded of the importance of keeping your university card secure. As well as identifying you as a member of the University and College, it can also function as a key and method of payment. It is a form of identification that is linked to you and should not be loaned to anyone else.