Accommodation at Downing

Downing College provides over 400 rooms for undergraduates and over 100 rooms (including hostel keepers’ rooms and flats) for postgraduates. Of these rooms, eight have been specially adapted for disabled students, and five of the graduate rooms are for couples.

Each of these rooms are banded accordingly to reflect their size, features and facilities. A full breakdown of these factors can be found in the Accommodation Handbook. Our current Residence Charges can be found on the fees and charges page. 

No hidden extras

We charge a fixed, all-inclusive Residence Charge with 'no hidden extras'.  All electricity, heating, water, cleaning, maintenance, insurance and network services are included in the Residence Charge.  We do not charge a termly catering facilities charge.  Typically, undergraduate students need only budget for term-time accommodation.

Accommodation Handbook

For more details you can download our Accommodation Handbook

Map to locate College accommodation.

If you have any questions, contact the Accommodation Officer by email. Postgraduate admissions accommodation information is here.