Downing has flourished since its foundation over 200 years ago. Its 20 acres of grounds and splendid neo-classical buildings offer a uniquely spacious and tranquil haven in the centre of Cambridge.

Downing is a friendly and informal community which encourages its students to strive for academic excellence. Membership of our postgraduate body is both a cosmopolitan and intellectually enriching experience. We admit students on a full-time or part-time basis for all of the University’s postgraduate courses, with a preference for research students working towards the PhD.

University information for prospective postgraduate students

Downing College entry in the University Postgraduate prospectus

Studying for a degree at Downing is a rewarding experience, with the dual benefits of the University’s outstanding teaching and research facilities and the excellence and variety of the College environment.

“There is such a supportive, dynamic, intellectual community here and I feel so lucky to be a part of it”  

Sarah, MPhil Anthropology

The membership of Downing College comprises around 500 postgraduate students, 500 undergraduates and 48 Fellows. Each year the postgraduate intake is about 200 students with about two thirds researching for a PhD or the one-year MPhil, and the remainder working for advanced taught courses such as the PGCE or as Clinical Medical and Veterinary students.

Admission to the College is open to all suitably qualified candidates on an equal opportunities basis.