Danby Society

The Danby Society aims to foster an intellectual, friendly, and inclusive environment for STEM students in Downing. Danby boasts a history of illustrious guest speakers - including highly decorated academics such as Roger Penrose, John Pendry, and Dennis Lo - and also hosts one of the most popular social calendars in the College. 

The termly pub quiz, hosted in the JCR, is undoubtedly a fan favourite; there are also opportunities to socialise with other College science societies, like our formal swap with Larmor of St John's last year, and a joint pub trip with the Caius and Pembroke science societies in Lent 2022. 

For the latest Society news, check out our periodical term time email newsletter, Danby Digest. Founded just last year, it also hosts a short student-authored science commentary. 


Chair: Nathan Ng