Downing College has a Senior Tutor and eleven Tutors, of whom eight are responsible for undergraduates and three for postgraduates.

Every student is assigned a Tutor, whose subject normally differs from that of their students. In most cases, students remain with the same Tutor throughout their studies.


Tutors are responsible for the general welfare of their students and represent them in many official contacts with the central administration of the University. The Tutor's role compliments that of the Director of Studies, with whom close contact is kept.

At the beginning of the year, new students are introduced to life at Downing by their Tutor.  Undergraduate students are required to see their Tutor at the start and end of each Term to review academic progress and to discuss general welfare.

Throughout the year, Tutors also maintain social contact with students through a variety of means such as informal gatherings, events and dinners.


It is in each student's best interest to inform their Tutor as soon as any illness or difficulty occurs which is likely to affect study or examination performance. In such cases, Tutors help to deal with health or other personal problems and are in a position to assist with special needs or disabilities.

Requests to take examinations under special conditions or permission to be absent from Cambridge for extended periods can be arranged by the Tutor. Failure to keep an appointment at the beginning and end of Term may mean that a student is deemed not to have kept Term.

A Tutor's advice and experience of a wide range of topics is always readily available, including the identification of financial assistance, advice on study methods, careers, complaints and appeals or possible changes of course or intermission.

If there is a particular problem about which a student prefers to consult another Tutor rather than their own, the student is welcome to do so. The Senior Tutor, who has overall responsibility for tutorial matters within the College, may arrange a change of Tutor if deemed necessary.

Contact information for Tutors

Tutors are normally available to see their students in College during Full Term and are contactable at any time by email. They can be seen by appointment and such appointments should be made via email.

In an emergency contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office (01223 334811) or the Porters’ Lodge out of office hours (01223 334800).

Dr Guy Williams

Senior Tutor

Tutorial & Admissions Office

01223 334811

Dr Ewan Jones

Postgraduate Tutor


01223 334887

Dr Joseph Webster

Postgraduate Tutor

Pottery Flat

01223 334841

Dr Liping Xu

Postgraduate Tutor


01223 762810

Dr Paul Barker

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 762062

Prof John Richer

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 334854

Dr Michael Crisp

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 334814

Prof Bill O'Neill

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 334814

Dr Natalia Mora-Sitja

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 334837

Dr Tim Burton

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 746510

Dr Frisbee Sheffield

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 761005

Dr Kamran Yunus

Undergraduate Tutor


01223 762809