Education Society

Downing's Education Society welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate education students as well as any student of the college with an interest in education. The society has an academic focus with one of its main goals being speakers events. We plan for these to be open to students across the University. 

Additionally, as the committee is conformed of undergraduate, MPhil, Ph.D., and PGCE students, we wish to host social events at which students from across these cohorts can meet, providing them a chance to discuss their interests from different points of view. 

PGCE students in the committee saw a need for opportunities for PGCE students to meet across the University. As such, the society has plans to organize an induction event so as to mark Downing as a 'hub' for PGCE students. The society is also working with the Faculty of Education to communicate academic and professional opportunities to PGCE students. 


Co-chairs: Bethany Taylor, Lily Ellis and Jiahao Wang