The College has Wi-Fi coverage in most areas. College accommodation also offers the option of using a wired ethernet network.


The Domus Wi-Fi service is supplied by the University Information Services (UIS). It is available in all accommodation connected to the Domus and across other meeting rooms and communal areas.

There is a separate, non-University Wi-Fi service in the Boathouse. New residents should contact the IT department for access information.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

You can connect to the UIS Wi-Fi by using a browser-based service, UniofCam, and logging in with your UIS password or by setting up your devices to use the eduroam authentication service.

If you are newly arrived at Downing, then UniofCam and your UIS password will be the quickest and easiest way to get online.

For long term use, we would strongly recommend setting up your devices to use the eduroam service.

Use of the University Wi-Fi service is subject to rules and Acceptable Use Policies set by both the University and Janet.

Wired network

Each student room has a live network socket. This enables you to connect your computer to the network via a cable and gain access to the internet.

Rooms in buildings connected to the Domus use the College network which, in turn, connects to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN).

Rooms in the Boathouse connect to a broadband service provided by Virgin Media.

Each room will have more than one physical network socket. Most rooms will have two pairs of sockets. Only ONE of these sockets will be live. Generally it will be one of the pair by the desk.

The Downing College network is governed by rules and conditions for acceptable use. By connecting your computer to the network, you are indicating that you have read these rules and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Connecting to the wired network

  • Ensure that your network settings are configured to 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server address automatically.'
  • Connect your computer to the ethernet socket by your desk
  • Residents of the Boathouse should connect to the internet directly. No password is required.
  • Other users should open a web browser and will automatically be re-directed to the registration page.

Complete and submit the form on the webpage. Registration of your IP address should take less than five minutes, after which you should restart your computer.

You should now have full access to the internet for the rest of the academic year.

Please note, the auto-registration system will not work if your home page is set to a secure HTTP page where the address starts with https://. To work around this, set your home page to something else (, for example) in order to register.

Network registrations are reset every year around the beginning of September. You will be informed in advance by e-mail and will need to repeat this process to regain access to the network.

Currently, the College supplies a maximum of two IP addresses per student. Special exceptions may be possible for academic reasons.