The University Card, issued to all students and staff, is increasingly used around the University to grant access to services and facilities. 

You are reminded of the importance of keeping your University card secure. It is a form of identification that is linked to you and should not be loaned or shared with anyone else.

If your card is lost or broken

In the event that you lose your University Card this should be reported immediately to the Tutorial & Admissions Office (TAO). They will contact the University Card Office and a replacement card will be produced. 

If the card is lost then there is a charge for replacement (see the College Fees & Charges page). Replacement cards can be available next day or can take up to a week to arrive in TAO. This is dependant on the workload at the University Card Office.

While you are waiting for a new card

  • You will need to pay either by debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) for food items purchased in the Servery and the Butterfield Cafe. You should bring some form of identity showing that your are a Downing student otherwise you will be charged an additional fixed fee for your meal (see Fees & Charges). You will find that it costs approximately 20% more to use the Servery without valid ID.
  • If you use your card to gain access to your accommodation then the Porters' Lodge will be able to issue you with a temporary card.
  • You will not be able to access the Library without your card. You will need to visit with a friend or ask a Porter to open the door. 
  • You will not be able to use the self-issue kiosk in the Library without your card. Library staff will be able to assist you with borrowing and returning books.
  • You may need to make separate access arrangements with your Faculty or Department if they use the University Card for access control.

Once your new card arrives

Once the new card arrives in College, TAO will e-mail you to tell you that the card is ready for collection.

New or replacement card information is automatically updated in most College systems. College systems should recognise the new card by midday, at the latest, on the same day that your card is available for collection from TAO. You may need to inform your Faculty or Department that you have a new card.