Using the College MFDs

The College Multi-Function Device (MFDs) offers printing, copying and scanning in both A3 and A4 formats, as well as in both black-and-white and colour.

See the current charges for these services.

You will need your University Card to access the MFD functions. Presenting your card to the card reader will enable you to scan and photocopy on the spot as well as releasing and printing any print jobs you may have sent to the MFD via the DS-Print service.

The MFD functions are controlled via an LCD touchscreen on the device.

Printing to the MFDs

You can print to the MFDs from the workstations in the Computer Room or the Library. You can also print to the MFDs from your own computer via the DS-Print service.

  • Printing from the Library. All workstations in the Library have the Library MFD as their default printer. After printing, you will need to go to the MFD with your University Card to release the print job.
  • Printing from the College Computer Room. All workstations in the College Computer Room have their default printer set to Computer Room MFD. You will need to go to the MFD with your University Card to release the print job.

The Mobility Print service for smartphones are available for use on the Computer Room Konica Minolta device

Printing to the College MFDs via DS-Print

In order to use DS-Print, you will need to set up the DS-Print client on your computer and then make sure that you are connected to the College network or to a UIS Wi-Fi service (eduroam or UniofCam).

Setting up the DS-Print client is a multi-step process. However, once the process is complete, you should be able to use it for the rest of your time in College.

The MFDs are listed as DOW_FindME. You can retrieve your prints from either of the College MFDs.

We recommend installing a printer driver for the MFD before you start the DS-Print setup process. The model is Ricoh MP C3503SP and Konica Minolta Bizhub C300i.

If you have problems with any element of this setup process, please contact the Student IT Assistants for assistance.