Students have access to MFD (multi-function devices) that offer printing, scanning and copying in both the Computer Room and the Library.

Both of these are managed via the University DS-Print facility and are part of the University Common Balance Scheme.

This means that students can top up their print credit online using a debit or credit card. This credit can then be used in the College Computer Room or in other MCS rooms in Departments or other institutions. The minimum amount that can be credited to a Common Balance account is £1

Instructions for managing your print credit.

  • Common Balance accounts stay current for the duration of your time at Cambridge. Any credit remaining when you leave Cambridge will not be refunded but is returned into the scheme to help fund future operations.
  • The College provides an annual academic allowance for all students. This is currently £8 per student. This is a local balance and can only be used with the devices in College.
  • Paper stocks in the Library are managed by Library staff. If paper is required in the College Computer Room, then please contact the College IT Department.

Print and copy charges

The following prices are subject to annual review.

Black-and-white A4 print & copy 4p per side
Black-and-white A3 print & copy 8p per side
Colour A4 print & copy 15p per side
Colour A3 print & copy 30p per side
Scan All scan 1p per side