Students are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their computers. You should ensure that all software is kept up-to-date with patches and that your anti-virus software updates daily.

In the unfortunate event that things go wrong or if you need some advice on some other aspect of IT, there are a number of sources of assistance and support.

Student computer assistants

The College employs a small number of students each year to help out with student IT problems. You can contact them via email. This address is also monitored by the main IT Department.

You should get a response by e-mail (check your mail in the Computer Room or via a friend's computer if your own is not accessible). You may be offered support via e-mail or a 'home visit' may be arranged to look at the problem.

Downing College IT Department

The IT Department does not formally offer any computing support to individual students.

However, if they are in the office and not too busy, they will generally try to offer advice. If the problem looks like it is going to become very time consuming, you may be referred to the Student Computer Assistants or to the University Information Services Helpdesk.

The IT Office is on B staircase. There is generally someone there from 9AM onwards on weekdays. The earlier in the day that you can make contact, the better the chance that we will be able to spend some time looking at your problem.

You may be asked to come back later. If you would like to arrange an appointment in advance, or if you have queries concerning other aspects of College IT operation, you can contact the IT Department via email.

University information services (UIS)

The UIS Help Desk can offer advice and help on a wide range of computing subjects and can direct your query to a local pool of experts in hardware and software matters. Details of services, opening times, and locations can be found on their website.

External agencies

These are local suppliers that have been recommended to the College IT Office. We have no direct experience of using them but would be interested to hear any feedback, positive or negative.

Cambridge Laptop Repair
147 Milton Rd, Cambridge
01223 852777

Zippin Pippin, Apple repair and recovery specialist.