Alumni Day and Association Dinner

The 2021 Alumni Day and Association Dinner will take place on Saturday 25 September 2021. The Development Office will be providing detailed arrangements for alumni to participate in this in due course.

Other College events

Other College events for alumni are listed on the Development Office website.

Downing Photographic Competition

The competition theme was “Downing in isolation and from afar”.  The chosen theme reflected the unprecedented circumstances in which the Downing Community found itself in the Spring of 2020 and the fact that most students would not be able to be physically present in College during the Easter Term. By choosing this topic the Association hoped that there would be a lasting photographic record of this extraordinary period in the life of the College and its students. It was up to the entrants to use their skill and creativity in interpreting the theme by “Thinking outside the box”.

The judges were Professor Richard Bowring (President of the Alumni Association), Professor Chris Haniff (Fellow in Physics), Vicki Ambery-Smith (jewellery designer and wife of the Master) and Neville Tait (Associate Fellow Emeritus and competition organiser). Keeping score and ensuring fair play was the Association Secretary, Simon Walker.

There was a disappointingly small entry this year with only 12 images from 4 entrants, however the images submitted were generally of a good standard and all authors made a brave attempt at meeting the rather difficult brief. 

All 12 entries to the Downing photographic competition can be seen here.