Introductory Reading List

The Education Tripos offers students the opportunity to combine the academic study of Education alongside the study of another more pecialised subject.

The principle disciplines of the study of Education are:

Psychology of Education

Sociology of Education

Philosophy of Education

History of Education

This information has been designed to offer an introduction to key texts and proposed reading prior to study.

Psychology of Education

Gopnik, A., Kuhl, P., & Meltzoff, A. (2001). How Babies Think: The Science of Childhood. Phoenix Press.
Gross, R. (2010). Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, 6th Ed. Hodder Education.
Long, M., Wood, C., Littleton, K., Passenger, T., & Sheehy, K. (2010). The Psychology of Education. Routledge
Pressley, M., & McCormick, C.B. (2007). Child and Adolescent Development for Educators. Guilford Press
Siegler, R.S., & Alabali, M.W. (2004). Children's Thinking. Pearson
Smith, P.K., Cowie, H., & Blades, M. (2011). Understanding Children's Development, 5th Ed. John Wiley & Sons.
Whitebread, D. (ed) (2000) The Psychology of Teaching and Learning in the Primary School, Routledge Falmer

Philosophy of Education

Bailey, R. (ed) (2010) The Philosophy of Education: An Introduction, Continuum.
Barrow, R. & Woods, R (2001.) Introduction to Philosophy of Education (latest edition), London, Methuen
Blake, N. et al. (eds.) (2003) The Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Education, Oxford, Blackwell.
Brighouse, H. (2006) On Education, Routledge
Carr, D. (2003) Making Sense of Education, London, Routledge, ISBN 0415230748

Sociology of Education

Bilton, T. et al. (2002) Introductory Sociology – 4th Edition, London, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 0-333-94571-9.
Coffey, A. (2001) Education and Social Change, Buckingham, The Open University Press.
Collins, R. (1944) Four Sociological Traditions, New York, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508208-7
Lauder, H., Brown, P., Dillabough J.-A. & Halsey A. H. (eds) (2006) Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford, Oxford University Press, ISBN 13-978-0-19-927253-2.
Jones, P. (2003) Introducing Social Theory, Cambridge, Polity Press.
Moore, R. (2004) Education and Society: Issues and Explanations in the Sociology of Education, Cambridge, Polity Press.

History of Education

Aldrich, R, (Ed.) (2002) A century of education, London: Routledge Falmer ISBN: 041524322x0415243238 (pbk.)
McCulloch, G. & Richardson, W. (2000) Historical research in educational settings, Buckingham: Open University, 2000, ISBN: 0335202543, 0335202551 (cased)
Hilton, M. & Hirsch, P. (2000) (Eds) Practical visionaries: women, education and social progress, 1790-1930, Harlow: Longman, 2000. ISBN: 0582404312
Popkewitz, T., Franklin, B. M. & Pereyra, M. A. (Eds) (2001) Cultural history and education:critical essays on knowledge and schooling, New York, London Routledge Falmer, 2001, ISBN:0415928052, 0415928060(pbk.):
Cohen, S. (1999) Challenging orthodoxies: toward a new cultural history of education, New York: P. Lang ISBN: 0820439401

Language, Communication and Literacy

Collins, J. and Blot, R.K. (2003) Literacy and Literacies: texts, power and identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Gee, J. P. (2004) What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Literacy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Heath, S.B. (1983) Ways with Words: Language and Life in Communities and Classrooms. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Kress, G. (1998) Before Writing: rethinking the paths to literacy. London: Routledge.
Lankshear, C. and Lawler, M. (1988) Literacy Schooling and Revolution. London: Taylor and Francis.
Lauder, H., Brown, P., Dillabough, J., Halsey, A. H. (Eds) (2006) Education, Globalization, and Social Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Mercer, N. (2000) Words and Minds: how we use language to think together. London: Routledge.
Nelson. K. (1996) Language in Cognitive Development: the emergence of the mediated mind. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Street, B. (Ed) (2005) Literacy Across Educational. Contexts: Mediating Learning and Teaching Philadelphia: Caslon.


Beck, J. & Earl, M. (eds) (2003) Key Issues in Secondary Education – 2nd Edition, London, Continuum.

Reading List for Education with English and Drama

In preparation, we would encourage you to read widely within dramatic literature, and also to take every opportunity to see as much live theatre as possible.

First Term

As Drama and English students you will be taking Drama in Production and Dramatic Literature in your first term. You will also be asked to choose between the following courses:

Modern Poetry (1830-present)
Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Full details of these courses will be available on the website over the Summer, and you are not required to make your choice until you arrive. However, preparatory reading lists for these options, which give some sense of the course content, are included below. It may make sense to purchase the Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume One, which contains many of the plays that we will study. You will also find that many Classical and Renaissance texts are online at

Medieval and Renaissance Literature

At least one of the following -
Thomas Malory Morte Darthur (extracts only from Norton)
John Milton Paradise Lost (in Norton Anthology)
Gawain and the Green Knight (in Norton Anthology)

Poetry (1780 – present)

One of the following introductory books by contemporary poets –
James Fenton An Introduction to English Poetry
Ruth Padel 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem
Jeffrey Wainwright Poetry The Basics

Also recommend that you browse in the Penguin Book of English Verse, particularly in selections of poems by Blake, Burns, William Wordsworth, Clare, Hardy, Robert Browning, Christina Rossetti, Yeats, Eliot, MacDiarmid, Larkin, Heaney, Boland, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath.

Dramatic Literature

For background reading:
John Russell Brown, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Theatre, Oxford University Press

For the first seminar:
Ian C. Storey and Arlene Allan, A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama, Blackwell Publishing
Aeschylus, The Oresteia Trilogy: Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides, in any translation.
Aristophanes, The Clouds, in any translation.

Drama in Production

Peter Brook, The Empty Space, Penguin
J. L. Styan, Modern Drama in Theory and Practice – 3 vols, Cambridge University Press

Reading List for Education with Religious Studies

Please refer to the following website:

We look forward to meeting you in October.