The Part IA course is divided into two papers, Human and Physical Geography. You are not expected to do any reading before you come to Downing to study Geography. However, if you can find them in local libraries, you might enjoy dipping into some of these general readings.

Paper 1: Human Geography: People, Place and the Politics of Difference

This paper introduces students to some of the key debates and concepts in human geography. It is divided into seven sections:

A. The Historical Geography of Globalization
B. Economic Globalization and its Crises
C. Understanding Cultural Geographies
D. Society, Environment and Sustainable Development
E. Geographies of Risk and Insecurity
F. Geopolitics and Political Geography
G. Contemporary Urban Geographies
H. Current Issues in Human Geography

General Reading

Adams, W. M. (2008) Green Development 3rd edition. Routledge, London.
Cloke, P., Crang, P. and Goodwin, M. eds (2005) Introducing Human Geographies 2nd edition. Hodder Arnold, London.
Cook, I., Crouch, D., Naylor, S. and Ryan, J. eds (2000) Cultural Turns, Geographical Turns. Prentice Hall, Harlow.
Daniels, P., Bradshaw, M., Shaw, D. and Sidaway, J. eds (2008) An Introduction to Human Geography: Issues for the 21st Century. Prentice Hall, Harlow.
Dicken, P. (2007) Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy. Sage, London.
Graham, B. and Nash, C. eds (2000) Modern Historical Geographies. Prentice Hall, Harlow.

Paper 2: Physical Geography: Environmental Processes and Change

This paper introduces the fundamental processes of the Earth’s inter–connected subsystems and explores how the whole system and its components have changed during the Earth’s history, particularly the last 3 million years. It is divided into eight sections:

A. The Earth
B. The Cryosphere
C. Atmospheric Processes and Climate
D. Oceans and Coasts
E. Land and Water
F.  Environmental Change during the Quaternary
G. Life on Earth

General Reading

Christopherson, R. W. (2008) Geosystems: an introduction to physical geography 7th Edition. Prentice Hall, Harlow.
Grotzinger, J and Jordan, T. H. (2010) Understanding Earth 6th Edition. W. H. Freeman and Co, New York.
Holden, J. (2005) An introduction to physical geography and the environment. Prentice Hall, Harlow.
Kump, L. R., Kasting, J. F. and Crane, R. G. (2009) The Earth System. Pearson, N. J.
Slaymaker, O., Spencer, T. and Embleton–Hamann, C. eds (2009) Geomorphology and Global Environmental Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge