Students at Downing College are supported by representatives elected annually from the student community.

As well as arranging introductory events and ongoing opportunities to socialise throughout the year, they represent student interests within the wider governance of the College. They also appoint Welfare Officers to serve as initial points of contact for any Downing students who experience issues with life in College.


Undergraduates are represented by the Junior Combination Room (JCR). It is worth noting that the term ‘JCR’ applies equally to the elected student representatives and the actual Junior Common Room itself, also known as the Lord Butterfield Cafe.  Located behind the Library, it is open to all Undergraduates during Term.


Graduate members of the College community are represented by the Middle Combination Room (MCR). As above, the MCR is also a place, located on the ground floor of S Staircase. This is generally used as a meeting place for Downing Graduates and is furnished with a TV, pool table and daily newspapers.

Amalgamation Club

All Downing students are also members of the Amalgamation Club, the joint organisation of the JCR and MCR. They are encouraged to use the facilities it provides and to take part in College activities of all types.