Your personal statement gives you the chance to tell us:

  • why you're interested in the course you want to study and what excites you about it
  • about your academic interests
  • how you've explored your interests outside of school. For example, books you've read or podcasts you've listened to

Your personal statement must be no more than 4,000 characters and is sent to all five of your university choices.  

Please remember that interviewers will review your personal statement as part of the admissions process. Make sure you read through your personal statement before your interview and remind yourself of its contents. Your interviewers may or may not draw on your personal statement during your interview.  

In addition to your UCAS application, My Cambridge Application gives you the opportunity to submit a second personal statement. This should not repeat information but instead be used to expand or fill in gaps in your personal statement. This option is mainly used by those students applying to unique courses at the University of Cambridge to express what about this course attracted them.