Dining in College

Unfortunately, during Michaelmas Term 2021 we are unable to welcome Downing members out of residence to dine at High Table, as we usually do. Hopefully, we will be able to welcome you again in the near future.

Downing members in the categories below who are out of residence are welcome to dine at High Table twice in each full term and may bring with them one guest.

Places at High Table may be booked through the Catering Office, by telephone on 01223 746709 or by email to dining@dow.cam.ac.uk.

On the first occasion, dinner will be free of charge for the alumnus/a, although guests' meals will be charged for. On the second occasion, both meals will be charged for.

You are eligible to dine at High Table if you meet one of the following criteria; you have a:

  • Cambridge BA or any other Cambridge postgraduate degree, and 19 terms have passed since you matriculated at Cambridge
  • Cambridge MA
  • Cambridge postgraduate degree or qualification and have reached the age of 24 years.

Staying in College

Alumni who wish to stay in College may book guest rooms, subject to availability, by telephoning the by telephoning the Accommodation Office on 01223 762063 or emailing the Accommodation Office.

If you would like to hold business or private meetings in College, please visit the Conference Office website for more information