Downing 360 Campaign

Puts our people at the heart of all that we do

"Our position now requires renewed ambition and new aspirations: for how we can substantially enhance our teaching; for how we can achieve the greatest benefit for all our students; and for how this can take place in sustainable spaces for our thriving community."

Alan Bookbinder, Master

Our campaign

The Downing 360 Campaign to raise £40 million by 2027 puts our people at the heart of all that we do.

With the aid of those whose lives Downing has most enhanced, we can ensure that every Downing graduate benefits from the very best Cambridge education and experience and has the skills that will equip them for life. Every gift will be part of this shared enterprise, and every contribution, at whatever level, will count. 

Our objectives

The Downing 360 Campaign looks to raise £40 million from gifts and legacies at all levels from alumni and friends to the College’s Greatest Needs Fund and in three key areas. These are the main aspirations for which we are seeking support:

enhanced education

Substantially increasing the Downing Fellowship with five new Fellows in the short term to deliver exceptional College based teaching by supervisors with a deep knowledge of their subject and improving academic performance with a dedicated Student Study Skills Programme.

enriching experience

Ensuring that a Downing education is accessible to all, removing potential barriers to a student’s success when we can do so, and ensuring all members aspire to excellence and are equipped with skills for life.

space to succeed

Creating new teaching and study spaces, making our historic buildings more sustainable and housing all students who wish to live on or near the domus.

Campaign Board

  • Jamie Arnell, Chair (1989 Law)
  • Farmida Bi, (1986 Law)
  • Jimmy Chan (1989 Engineering/Management)
  • Paul Hatfield (1980 Economics)
  • Sadie Hubbard (1986 Geography/Land Economy)
  • Ben Shorten (1991 History) 

Please contact Jo Finnie Jones, Development Director at, or a member of the Campaign Board for a conversation on how you might join us in this shared endeavour