Students living in College accommodation pay the Residence Charge which includes insurance through the College provider, Alan Boswell Group.

The policy provides cover in various categories, including accidental damage to rooms, as well as limited cover for your bicycle and laptop, on and off College premises.

You should review the specifics of the policy so that you aware of the scope and the limitations of your cover. Please pay particular attention to the limits on high risk items and valuables. If you wish to increase your insurance cover you will need to contact Alan Boswell Group directly: 01223 445918.

Please familiarise yourself with the Alan Boswell Group student contents insurance flyer, and the full policy details available to download here.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, please use the online form to make a claim, or you can telephone 01223 445491.

Please note: There have been problems reported where people have used non-Adobe software (particularly the built-in PDF reader in MacOS) to complete PDF forms. We would recommend that you use Adobe Reader or a similar Adobe product to be sure that your form is completed properly.