The College actively seeks to enhance the environment through a positive approach to health and safety by control of pollution and care for the environment, and will meet its statutory obligations. The potential for pollution from our activities is assessed and either eliminated or controlled so far as is reasonably practicable.

The College has an environmental action programme through the Health, Safety and Domus Committee, the Green Officers and the Carbon Reduction Task Force. National regulations, backed by financial penalties, require us to meet challenging annual targets to reduce waste and carbon consumption.

Recycling Facilities

As part of the College’s environmental policy we have made a commitment to recycle as much waste as possible in the safest possible manner. Recycling facilities in the College are clearly labelled and are available as follows:

  • A bin for disposal of aluminium cans is provided behind the Butterfield Café Bar and in the Porters’ Lodge.

  • Glass Bottle banks are located in the car parking area behind the Butterfield Café Bar.

  • Papers Bins are provided (not for cardboard) in the JCR Rooms (S staircase), the Porters’ Lodge, the Library, the Computer Room, the Tutorial & Admissions Office, the College administration offices, at the rear of Lensfield Road houses, and behind the Chapel.

  • Toner Cartridges - there is a disposal point in the College for old printer and toner cartridges in the Porters’ Lodge. They can also be taken to the IT Office (B staircase) where their safe disposal will be arranged.

  • Clinical Waste - please contact the College Nurse for further details.

For general waste, all College houses are serviced by Cambridge City Council with recycling facilities. These require residents to be careful when sorting recyclable waste, since, for example, food waste in paper/cardboard recycling will result in that waste not being taken away.

Hostelkeepers and Domestic Assistants have been briefed on the use of the various recycling bins.

Cambridge City Council may impose fines on houses where waste is not correctly sorted. These will be passed onto the residents.