The Heong Gallery

The Heong Gallery at Downing College opened in February 2016 as a new gallery for exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The Gallery was designed by Caruso St John Architects (winners of RIBA Stirling Prize 2016) and so named in gratitude for the generous benefaction of Alwyn Heong. It won a RIBA East Award 2017.

The Gallery is part of a larger construction project at Downing College which contains 78 student rooms and eight common rooms. The project has created a new court, called First Court, at the entrance to the College and the Edwardian stables (built in 1902-1903) have been converted into the Gallery.

Advisory board

Frank Salmon, Downing College alumnus and Art History Department, Cambridge University

John Tancock, Downing College alumnus, former Sotheby’s Vice President, currently Chambers Fine Art in New York

Andrew Nairne, Director of Kettle’s Yard

Tim Knox, Director of the Royal Collection, the private art collection of the British Royal Family

George Bailey, Downing College alumnus, former Sotheby’s Commercial Director

Louise Arnell, Trustee of the Pebble Trust

Hamish Dewar, Downing College alumnus, art restorer

Sir David King, Former Master of Downing College, art collector

Gifford Combs, Donor to the project, art collector, Cambridge University alumnus

Martin Kemp, Downing College alumnus and Honorary Fellow, art historian

Chris Bartram, Downing College alumnus, art collector, major donor to the project

Sophie Bowness, art historian and Trustee of the Hepworth Estate

Penny Furniss, Downing College alumnus and Fellow Commoner

Anthony Mould, fine art agent and dealer