Professor Geoffrey Grimmett
Honorary Fellow
Professor of Mathematical Statistics

MA, DPhil, DSc (Oxon), ScD, FRS

Geoffrey Grimmett was educated at Oxford University before moving in 1976 to Bristol University for his first tenured post. After sixteen wonderful years in Bristol, he moved in 1992 to the Statistical Laboratory of Cambridge University as Professor of Mathematical Statistics. He served as the 17th Master of Downing College from 2013 to 2018.

His principal scientific interests are probability theory and statistical mechanics, and especially the mathematical theory of disordered physical systems. In addition to numerous research articles, he has written three research books entitled Percolation (1999), The Random-Cluster Model (2006), and Probability on Graphs (2010), and he has co-authored two successful textbooks on probability and random processes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Full details of his research and publications can be found on his pages at the website of the Statistical Laboratory.