Downing College Tennis Club

Within Downing Tennis, we have a really welcoming community and there is plenty of tennis on offer for players of all abilities.

Every Sunday, social tennis runs where you can book a time slot and you will be assigned people to play with, this is a really good way of meeting people from different years and subject backgrounds! You can also book the two hard courts we have on site, using the online system if you just fancy a knock with friends.

Downing Tennis is fiercely competitive when it comes to playing against other Colleges. Last year was a standout year for us with the 1st and 2nd team coming top and being unbeaten in the league. Whilst the league takes place in the first two terms, Easter term is dedicated to Cuppers, a knockout tournament.

Within Downing, we also run our own knockout tournament, the Gulbenkian Cup, for which there are large monetary prizes and this is another great way to meet new people and socialise.


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