Making a Freedom of Information request

Please e-mail to make a request.

You may also write to:

The Records Manager
Downing College
Cambridge CB2 1DQ

Please note that all requests must be made in writing and contain an address for correspondence. You must use your full name.

Please make your request as specific as possible. The College’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme and Annual Report and Accounts contain much useful information about the College and the way that it operates. You are advised to refer to these documents before making a request as they may help you frame your request or even answer your question completely.

You are also asked to note that the College publishes most Freedom of Information requests and responses in a disclosure log. This document includes texts of requests, but not details of the person making the request.

What happens next

The College will acknowledge receipt of the request as soon as possible and respond in writing within 20 working days as specified by the Act and sooner if practicable.

The College may seek clarification of your request. If it needs to do this then the deadline for reply will be extended until you supply this information.

If the request may take excessive resources of time to fulfil then the College may refuse it on the grounds that it exceeds the appropriate cost limit, or reserve the right to charge a fee of £450 for work over and above this limit.

This can be avoided by making your request as specific as possible. The College will notify you and obtain your agreement before imposing any charges.

Some information is subject to exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act and we may refuse a request if we feel that the information is covered by one of these exemptions.

Appeals and complaints

If you are not satisfied with our response you have a legal right to request an internal review by writing to the Senior Bursar.

You also have the right to refer the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office if the College cannot resolve the matter.


The Information Commissioner's Office oversees the enforcement of information legislation and produce helpful guidance for those wishing to make a request. See also:

The Data Protection Act

Requests for personal information

The Data Protection Act covers recorded information about living individuals. We are unable to supply personal details of third parties and may redact these from a response.

If you wish to access personal details about yourself then you will need to make a subject access request by contacting the Records Manager. This is subject to a statutory fee of £10 and you will need to provide proof of your identity. The Information Commissioner has published guidance on requesting your personal information.

For reference requests, requests for transcripts and verification of qualifications or any enquiry about a current student please contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office.

To requests information about living alumni, or to be put in touch with former Downing students please contact the Development Office.

For information about deceased alumni or historical information please contact the Archives.