Each year on 18 May the Fellowship and principal benefactors gather to commemorate the laying of the Foundation Stone of the College in 1807 and to record the names of the College’s principal benefactors over the years.

We commemorate Sir George Downing, third Baronet, Founder of the College and our original benefactor. Through the legacy of his estates he enabled the existence of Downing College to perpetuate his family name.

We give thanks for Sidney Wynn Graystone, whose legacy provided a valuable picture collection, estate in London and money to extend the original buildings of the College, including the Chapel.

Muriel and Agnes Kenny gave money for additional residential buildings in memory of their father, Professor C S Kenny, Fellow of the College and Downing Professor of Law.

Trust funds were provided by:

  • Sir Mortimer Singer
  • Mr F G Pilley
  • Miss A M Harris
  • W Graham Robertson.

A Trust was also established in memory of Sir Lionel Whitby, late Master and Regius Professor of Physic.

We acknowledge the great generosity of Alan and Jon Howard who, through the Howard Foundation, have enabled the College to enhance its public rooms, residential accommodation and the domus, as well as providing the Howard Theatre.

Joseph Maitland Robinson provided the College with its first Library. His wife, Joanna, gave a donation to the new Boathouse.

The Cripps Foundation funded refurbishment in the East Range.

Leonard Osler’s gift supports the gardens and also included a remarkable contribution to the College’s art collection.

We recognise the generous support of Humphrey Battcock, Tim Cadbury and Gifford Combs to the First Court and Parker’s House Project and of Flemming Heilmann, Richard Frischmann and Godfrey Bradman for the Singer Building.

Leslie James contributed substantially to the Butterfield Building.

Lt. Colonel Anderson gave to the Boathouse and the College gym.

Julian Childs, Chris Hammond, Ery Kehaya and Robert Markwick gave generously to the College and to the Boathouse Centenary Trust.

Tim Cadbury and Richard Williams each generously supported the restoration of the Hall, together with many members of the College.

Octavio Augustus Glasier Collins made a donation to support a Fellowship in Classics.

The Oon family established a fund to support research and scholarship in preventive medicine.

Dr Percy Edward Lander established a fund for research to alleviate human suffering.

Rumi Verjee endowed the Verjee Fellowship in Medicine.

Julian Darley endowed the Darley Fellowship.

R J Owens and Mrs Janet Owens made a donation to support a Fellowship in English.

Ralph Arnold Lewin endowed a Research Studentship.

Thomas Glynn Jones endowed the Glynn Jones Scholarship.

Maria Willetts generously endowed the Ferreras Willetts Fellowship in neuroscience.

Robert John and Philippa Dodds John endowed The Angharad Dodds John Fellowship in Mental Health and Neuropsychiatry.

Edward G Blankenship has selflessly endowed a number of awards in the names of those dear to him.

Louise and James Arnell have given generously in support of the College’s Initiatives for Access and Widening Participation.

Yong Pung How, Richard Frischmann and many members of the College contributed generously to the Hopkins Parry Fellowship Fund.

Many members of the College also contributed to the Mays Wild Fellowship Fund and the Everitt Butterfield Fellowship Fund.

We also gratefully acknowledge the generous major gifts from:

  • Christopher Bartram
  • Hugh Brammer
  • Lewis Lees Shaw
  • Charles Geoffrey Stuttard
  • Alwyn Heong
  • Tadayoshi Tazaki
  • Jan Hruska
  • Stephen Smith
  • Scott Malkin
  • Eric Coutts
  • Stephen Peel
  • David Carn
  • Professor Norman Simmonds
  • Edward and Dorothy Collins
  • Geoffrey Walton
  • J V Smyth
  • The parents of Peter Imrich Sakal
  • R H Long
  • Nicholas Richens
  • John Archibald Seton
  • James and Dorothy Toms
  • Clifford Ingram
  • Anne and Peter Robson
  • Harold Johnson
  • Alfred Monk
  • Deryk Prosser
  • John Whitworth.

We give thanks to all these benefactors and to all those old members of the College whose generosity has helped us in our quest to uphold the Founder’s motto:

Quaerere verum.