Catering at Downing

Breakfast is available in the Butterfield Café. Lunch and dinner are chosen from the self-service Servery and eaten in the Hall, with brunch available at weekends.

Choice in the Downing Servery is excellent, with a wide range of hot and cold dishes available, including daily vegetarian options. The College is able to cater for students who have special diets for religious or health reasons.

In addition to the Servery, there is a formal dinner three times per week in Full Term. These are called Formal Halls and are high quality, often candlelit dinners served in the main Hall. At Downing these are an enjoyable, cheap way to have a good meal with friends.

The Butterfield Café is open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and serves breakfast, baguettes, paninis, cakes and specialist coffees.

Shared Kitchen Facilities

There are shared kitchen facilities available in all accommodation areas, including access to cooking facilities, sinks and fridge freezers.

No hidden charges at Downing College

Unlike some Cambridge colleges, Downing does not charge a College Facilities Charge, nor a Kitchen Facilities Charge.