Downing College offers you a supportive and nurturing environment, underpinned by commitment to promoting awareness so that fewer issues arise in the first place. 

Your Tutor is responsible for your pastoral care and guidance, with complementary support from the Chaplain and the JCR Welfare team.  The JCR team comprises a Male and Female Welfare Officer, and LGBT rep.

Director of Studies

You will be allocated a Director of Studies who is responsible for your academic work and progress in your chosen subject.  You will have private meetings with your 'DoS' at the start and end of every term, during which you have the opportunity to discuss your academic development to raise any difficulties you might be experiencing and to explore techniques or strategies that might improve your academic performance.  Your DoS is also a useful extra resource to help you plan your next steps after graduating from Cambridge, and is an invaluable and accessible source of advice throughout your studies.


The Porters are available 24 hours a day for help, advice or in case of emergency.  All Porters are trained first aiders and a well-stocked first aid box is held in the Porters’ Lodge.  You will also benefit from living within a secure site with 24-hour surveillance

College Nurse

Our College Nurse is a qualified Registered Nurse and has many years of experience in student health matters.  She is able to help you with a wide range of medical and psychological difficulties and always has time to listen.  In addition the University provides a counselling service and the College has a counsellor on-site once a week to whom students may self-refer.