The Revd Dr Keith Eyeons
Fellow in Theology

Chaplain, SCR President and Secretary to the Governing Body

MA, MA (Nottingham), PhD

I spend three-quarters of my time working for Downing College as its Chaplain. I am also the Director of Studies for Theology and Religious Studies and do some teaching for undergraduates. From 2004-2009, I carried out part-time research for my PhD on Karl Barth's interpretation of John's Gospel. My continuing research interests include the relationships between academic theology and the life of the church, and between theology and other subjects, especially the sciences. Some of my recent talks and sermons can be found on my own website.

Eyeons, K. J. (2021) The View from the Centre.  Ellis and Maultby.

Eyeons, K. J. (2017) The Theology of Everything: Renaissance Man Joins the 21st Century.  Ellis and Maultby.