Professor Zoe Barber
Vice Master, Fellow in Materials Science and Metallurgy
Professor of Materials Science


My research interests are based around thin-film deposition using a range of techniques: magnetron sputtering, ionized sputter deposition, pulsed-laser ablation, as well as novel chemical growth techniques. As a member of the Device Materials Group in the Materials Science & Metallurgy Department, I am involved with many different thin film device materials (which may be amorphous, polycrystalline or single crystal): magnetic alloys and compounds (and the field of 'spintronics'), ferroelectrics, dielectrics, superconductors and novel materials such as ferromagnetic semiconductors, as well as tunnel barriers, buffer layers (e.g. for wide band-gap semiconductor applications), contacts and encapsulation layers. However, I also particularly enjoy working on a wider range of thin film applications, which includes: ultra-hard coatings (nano-composites and epitaxial nitride multilayers); biomedical coatings (doped hydroxyapatite for the promotion of bone growth on joint implants); shape memory metals and precise free-standing structures for nanotechnology applications; and carbon-based catalyst layers for potential fuel cell applications. I also work on the development of film growth techniques to further improve the control of film structure (e.g. ion enhanced deposition), and am using optical emission spectroscopy and plasma probes for detailed diagnostics of the film growth environment.

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