Professor John Richer
Emeritus Fellow in Physics
Professor of Astrophysics


I study the physics of star formation, in particular the processes by which new planetary systems form in cold clouds of molecular gas in interstellar space. How such new stars and planetary systems come into being is a central area of research in modern astrophysics, both because we need to know this to understand how galaxies evolve, but also because the origin of our own solar system is of particular interest to us. It has in the last few decades become possible to study the chemical and physical structure of these collapsing gas clouds using telescopes that operate at far-infrared and millimetre wavelengths. I make imaging and spectroscopic observations of protostars using radio observatories such as the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii and the Atacama Large millimetre Array (ALMA) in Chile. Typically these observations reveal the rotational emission of small molecules, and the thermal continuum emission from interstellar dust grains. I study in particular the earliest phases of star formation and the associated protostellar jets. I am actively involved in the development of major observatories including the JCMT in Hawaii, and the ALMA Observatory in Chile.

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