Professor Graham Virgo
Fellow in Law
Professor of English Private Law, University Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

BCL (Oxon), MA

My major areas of research are in the fields of the Law of Restitution, the Law of Contract, Equity and trusts and Criminal Law. My work on the Law of Restitution covers all aspects of the subject, but especially the relationship between the law of property, the law of trusts and unjust enrichment. I have recently published papers on causation in restitution for wrongs and unjust enrichment and also an analysis of the presence of a basis to deny a claim in unjust enrichment. I have written a student textbook on the Principles of Equity and Trusts and have contributed chapters on rescisison to a practitioners' book on termination of contracts. I am working on new editions of my textbook on the law of restitution and a book of text, cases and materials on trusts and trustees. The research I undertake on the Criminal Law focuses on substantive developments in the criminal law, with particular reference to the law of homicide and joint enterprise.

The Principles of the Law of Restitution (2nd edition) (2006, Oxford University Press)

Maudsley and Burn's Trusts and Trustees: Cases and Materials (2008 7th ed., Oxford University Press)

'What about Law?' (ed. Barnard, O'Sullivan and Virgo) (2nd ed.) (2011, Hart Publishing)

The Principles of Equity and Trusts (2012, Oxford University Press)

Contractual Duties: Performance, Breach, Termination and Remedies (Andrews, Clarke, Tettenborn and Virgo) (2012, Sweet and Maxwell)