Professor Bill Clyne
College Position
Emeritus Fellow in the Mechanics of Materials
University Position
Professor of the Mechanics of Materials
Degrees and Honours

MA, PhD, FREng

Research Interests

My research is focussed on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of various composite systems, including certain types of surface coating. There is an emphasis on processing and also on the development of analytical and numerical models - both for process simulation and for prediction of thermo-mechanical performance. Current activities include use of the nanoindentation technique and various studies of residual stresses, interfacial adhesion, thermal barrier coatings, metal fibre-reinforced ceramics etc. Applications include components offering improved impact resistance, high temperature insulation, wear resistance, interfacial adhesion etc, in a wide range of fields.

Select Publications

1. EK Oberg, J Dean & TW Clyne, "Effect of inter-layer toughness in ballistic protection systems on absorption of projectile energy". Int. J. Impact Eng., 76 (2015) p.75-82.

2. J Dean, J Campbell, G Aldrich-Smith & TW Clyne, "A critical assessment of the "stable indenter velocity" method for obtaining the creep stress exponent from indentation data". Acta Mater., 80 (2014) p.56–66.

3. SK Lam & TW Clyne, "Toughness of metal fibre/ceramic matrix composites (MFCs) after severe heat treatments". Mat. Sci. Techn., 30 (2014) p.1135-1141.

4. M Shinozaki, K Roberts, B van de Goor & TW Clyne, "Deposition of ingested volcanic ash on surfaces in the turbine of a small jet engine". Adv. Eng. Mats, 15 (2013) p.986-994.

5. J Dean, A Bradbury, G Aldrich-Smith & TW Clyne, "A procedure for extracting primary and secondary creep parameters from nanoindentation data". Mechanics of Mats.., 65 (2013) p.124-134.

6. CS Dunleavy, JA Curran & TW Clyne, "Time-dependent statistics of plasma discharge parameters during bulk AC plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium". Appl. Surf. Sci., 268 (2013) p.397-409.