Dr Nathan James
College Position
Mays Wild Research Fellow
Degrees and Honours

PhD in Biological Sciences (Cambridge); MSci in Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

Research Interests

I have a longstanding interest in the molecular machines that drive fundamental biological processes. My research is focused on the circadian clock – a biomolecular timekeeper and master regulator that controls the homeostatic balance of every cell in the human body. The daily rhythms generated by this clock are critical for human health, such that dysregulation is strongly associated with many debilitating conditions such as neurodegeneration, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and depression. However, despite its importance for both fundamental biology and therapeutic development, the circadian clock is often underappreciated and little is known about how it exerts its control on the human cell. My goal is to reveal the molecular clockwork of the cell in mechanistic detail.

Teaching Interests

Part IB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Select Publications

James N.R., Brown A., Gordiyenko Y., Ramakrishnan V. (2016) Translational termination without a stop codon. Science 354: 1437–1440

Du D., Wang Z., James N.R., Voss J.E., Klimont E., Ohene-Agyei T., Venter H., Chiu W., Luisi B.F. (2014) Structure of the AcrAB–TolC multidrug efflux pump. Nature 509: 512–515