Dr Liping Xu
College Position
Emeritus Fellow
Degrees and Honours

BSc (Beijing), PhD

Select Publications

Shockwave and Noise Abatement of Transonic Fans, ASME GT-53545, (2004)

Aero-Acoustics of Modern Transonic Fans, Journal of Thermo Science, Vol.12, No.2, 104-113, (2004)

A Newton’s Method Solver for Unsteady Viscous Flows, ACTA Mechnica Sinica, Vol.19, No.1, (2003)

Assessing Viscous Body Forces For Unsteady Calculations Trans. of ASME, Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol.125 No.3, 425-432, (2003)

Towards Long Length Scale Unsteady Modelling in Turbomachines, Proccedings of the I Mech E, Journal of Power and Energy, Vol. 217, No.1, 75-82, (2003)