Amy Goymour
Fellow in Law
University Lecturer in Land Law


MA, BCL (Oxon)

My current research interests lie primarily in Property Law and, in particular, its interface with other areas of the law, such as Tort, Contract, Unjust Enrichment and Human Rights. My recent research has examined the ways in which intangible assets (such as contractual rights) should be afforded legal protection to match that conferred on rights over tangible assets (ie land and chattels). I have also developed a particular research interest in the evolving relationship between human rights and our established domestic rules of property. Currently, I am working on the effect which forgery and fraud might have on title to registered land.

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‘Knowing Receipt and Land Registration’ (co-authored with Matthew Conaglen), ch 5 in Mitchell (ed) Constructive Trusts and Resulting Trusts (2010).

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