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Who can apply?

Zero Gravity (formerly Access Oxbridge)


Zero Gravity website

1h per week 1-to-1 virtual mentoring from Oxbridge students/graduates on Oxbridge applications (also open to those applying for other top universities)

You must

a) attend a state school

c) have averaged a GCSE score of 7+ (A or above)

England & Wales - Year 12/13

Scotland – S4/5

N. Ireland – Year 13/14

Oxbridge Applications Access Programme

Help with personal statement drafting, subject-specific tutorials, mock interviews, admissions test workshops and papers to practice and get feedback on

Students in state-funded education. Note there are only 50 places available, so don’t be deterred if you don’t get support.

England & Wales - Year 12

Scotland – S5

N. Ireland – Year 13

The Clydeside Project Online mentoring from a current Oxbridge student in you chosen subject to help with your personal statement, written work, admissions test, or to answer any questions

Students attending a state-funded school in Scotland

S3, S4, S5 or S6

Target Oxbridge Advice on subject, university and college choices; personal statement, UCAS, SAQ & submitted works; interview & test preparation. All given as one-to-one mentoring from a BME Oxbridge graduate, who can also help with discussing your development & aspirations

Black or mixed African & Caribbean students, who have ideally achieved 5 grade 7-9 GCSEs (8 for medicine)

Priority is given to those in state-funded education.  

England & Wales - Year 12

Scotland – S5

N. Ireland – Year 13

In certain circumstances, students in the year above are also taken

The Sutton Trust Summer Schools For other universities as well, it provides subject tasters, application support, and help with finances and applying for bursaries

You must have always attended a state-funded school/college.

England & Wales - Year 12

Scotland – S5

N. Ireland – Year 13

The Shadowing Scheme Run Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU), you ‘shadow’ a current student doing a subject they are interest in for 3 days. You going to their lectures, living in college, and attend social events

England & Wales - Year 12

Scotland – S5

N. Ireland – Year 13

Cambridge Subject Masterclasses Subject-specific events held throughout the year. Include 2 taster lectures, the opportunity to discuss and ask questions, an introduction to the admissions process, and talks from undergraduates

Cost is £20, but that can be covered if you are eligible for free school meals

England & Wales - Year 12

Scotland – S5

N. Ireland – Year 13

In2_law Mentoring, resources and opportunities for students from less advantaged backgrounds to support them through the application process for law at top universities. Events vary from personal statement clinics to mock interview days and other Oxbridge-specific support. The requirements for each event vary, but most are targeted at state-educated students looking to read Law.


Other resources

The Uni Guide has lots of helpful resources including this article on 5 things you may not know about Oxbridge applications: Also includes a downloadable guide to Oxbridge applications

HE+: - while the scheme works with schools across the country, the website offers subject pages designed by Cambridge graduates and academics

Inside Uni: - provides student testimonies of interview experiences, financial guides, and support for disabled students and refugees

“So You Want To Go To Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana…”: - an e-book from Oxbridge Applications that covers the entire process from choosing your course & college, writing personal statements, admissions tests and written work, and the interview. The book is free if you sign up at the website


Please note:

You can find some online services and resources that are paid for e.g. from Oxbridge Applications.

Use of these resources is NOT endorsed by Cambridge, who stress that these individuals have no more information than is available for free from the University. Support with applications can be helpful, however the most important thing to remember is to be yourself – the purpose of the application process is to judge you, not the help you got with your application.

Regardless of whether you make it on any of the above schemes, use the freely available resources to help you with your application, and try your best – that’s all this process about.