Downing College are seeking seven Teaching Assistants for the duration of the 2017 Summer School, which will run from Saturday 5 August to Sunday 3 September. 

These Teaching Assistants will live amongst the Keio students and share the experience of the Summer School with them.  They will be led by the Summer School Co-ordinator, Dr Kamran Yunus, who is responsible for all aspects of the curriculum and the day to day management of the programme.  Candidates should be current students either at Downing College or from elsewhere in the University of Cambridge.  Applications are welcomed from both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In addition to a two-week English Language course, this year’s courses are Science, International Relations and English Literature. Teaching Assistants will be allocated to work on one of these courses and are generally attached to courses according to academic experience.  Previous experience of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) will be beneficial. Candidates should not be deterred, however, from applying if they do not have a background in the relevant subject as Teaching Assistants are responsible for reinforcing the course material and helping with study skills rather than for teaching the courses.  As a consequence, it is more important that candidates have the ability for stimulating and facilitating discussion rather than an in depth knowledge of the course material.  Teaching Assistants must also be able to work well within a team, remain calm and level-headed in difficult situations, and use their initiative when necessary.

It is anticipated that the Teaching Assistants will work 40 hours per week for the duration of the Summer School, according to the needs of the students.  The salary for the position is £298.69 per week before tax, which includes a weekly supplement of £36.69 holiday pay.  Teaching Assistants will also be provided with a single room in one of the College’s properties in Lensfield Road. Breakfast and lunch is provided from Monday to Friday each week while dinners are provided from Monday through to Thursday.

For full details about the role please see our staff vacancies page, where you can  download the full details and an application form

To apply for this position, please complete application form in full and return to the Downing College HR Office by 5pm on Monday 24 April 2017.