Downing announces new Law Fellowship 

Thanks to generous support from Downing alumni, we are delighted to announce the creation of a newly named Fellowship in Law.

The Law fundraising appeal to raise £1.4m has attracted significant support already and the ambition is to complete it by the end of this year. The Parry-Anderson Fellowship in Law will be a new and fully endowed post which will strengthen our College-based teaching of Law in perpetuity. It is the first Fellowship to have secured funding as part of the College’s recently launched fundraising campaign; an important milestone of the Downing 360 campaign.

Other Fellowships successfully funded by previous campaigns are The Hopkins-Parry Fellowship in Law and The Everitt Butterfield Fellowship in Medicine and the Biological Sciences.

Recognising the generosity of our alumni

The most recent one has been named after two Law alumni – Mervyn Parry (1969) and James Scott Anderson (1987). It not only recognises their generosity but that of many other Law alumni whose kind donations and support mean that we have nearly raised enough funds to fully fund the post in perpetuity.

“Without doubt, my time at Downing College equipped me with self-confidence, legal skills, and the desire to use the law in the most creative and fulfilling ways for both my clients and society at large.

"I was fortunate to have been tutored by John Hopkins, who was an inspirational teacher who led using peerless illustration of the law’s peculiar devices and applications, and above all with great humour. I know the impact he had, on not only my life, but on that of hundreds of Downing students.  I’d add Cherry Hopkins, Graham Virgo, Charles Harpum and David Lloyd Jones to the list of tutors whose gifts of erudition and education are also immeasurable.

"I am particularly delighted to help fund this new Fellowship to focus on EU law and human rights, as well as constitutional and administrative law, topics very close to my heart which will provide young students with a fantastic grounding for their future careers.“

James Scott Anderson.

Downing College was founded with the express purpose of furthering the study of Law. With 16% of all Cambridge University law applications being made to Downing last year, I am extremely proud of our continued and enviable reputation in this field.

"I am delighted that the philanthropic and generous nature of our alumni and supporters, particularly Mervyn Parry and James Scott Anderson, has enabled us to create this new Law Fellowship. Their support will ensure that we can continue to offer high quality teaching, support and guidance to our future Law students for many years to come.

Professor Graham Virgo KC (Law), Fellow in Law, at Downing and Professor of English Private Law.

Downing enabled me to learn the skills and approach for a very satisfying career in law. I am delighted to be able to give back to the College in a way which helps young people and recognises and strengthens the importance of education in law and the tutorial system. John Hopkins was an inspirational teacher whom I feel very privileged to have known over so many years.”

Mervyn Parry.

Help us reach our target

We have been heartened to see the positive response from our friends and supporters for this campaign and as we enter the final push to close the remaining gap of £220,000 to fully endow the Fellowship, we welcome donations at all levels to ensure this post can be funded from philanthropy alone.

If you would like to lend your support to help ensure Law at Downing continues to thrive please contact