Your initial College bill, which is due for payment by Wednesday 16 October at the latest, will be sent to your Cambridge email address by Friday 4 October.  You will not be able to access this information unless you have completed the University Student Registration process to collect your Cambridge email address and passwords.  Please see the College Fees and Charges, University Composition Fees and Tuition Fees documents for detailed information. 

If you have any queries or difficulties with the financial deadlines mentioned in the College Fees and Charges document, please contact the Bursary for help and advice.

For undergraduate students only - payment of your future College bills will be collected by Direct Debit as of January 2020.  Please complete and return the Direct Debit mandate to the College Bursary by Friday 13 September at the latest.  Please note that we require the original document, a scanned copy is not acceptable.  The instruction will be set up on your account during the Michaelmas Term before the first collection in January.  Please note that we can only accept a Direct Debit for your own bank account, we cannot accept an instruction to debit any bank account other than your own.  We will use your personal details (name, address and date of birth) to verify the validity of the bank details provided.  College bills will be issued by email at the beginning of each Term and the Direct Debit collection date will be advised on the bill.  As the system will not come into effect until the Lent Term, the initial Michaelmas Term bill must be paid by another method, i.e. sterling cheque, bank transfer or debit card.  If you have any difficulties with the financial deadlines mentioned in the College Fees and Charges document or any queries regarding Direct Debit payments, then please contact the Bursary for help and advice.  If you are an overseas student who will only be opening a UK bank account upon arrival in Cambridge, or if you are planning on settling your College bills via an overseas bank account, then please do not complete the Direct Debit mandate, but notify the Bursary accordingly.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme 2019-2020

The Student Loan Company will assess both UK and EU students for the Cambridge Bursary automatically when you apply for a maintenance loan (UK) or a tuition fee loan (EU).  For further information, please refer to the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website.