Personal Development

During your time in the university you will be given various opportunities both in your academic work and other activities to develop skills that will be transferable to situations outside academic work and study.  You are encouraged to use these opportunities to develop your skills.  The process of identifying skills that you might need for your course, your career or other areas of activities, and then looking for opportunities to develop those skills is called personal development planning.  You are encouraged to keep a file or record of the opportunities that you have used to develop these skills.  To find out how to do this, please read the document, Your Progress File and Personal Development Planning.

Introducing CamGuides - A Resource for New Undergraduates

CamGuides for Undergraduates aims to support you as an incoming undergraduate with your transition to University.  In particular, it aims to provide an introduction to the information literacy and academic skills you will develop during your undergraduate studies.  This resource will encourage you to consider the types of information you will need for your studies and how to find, evaluate, manage and use this information.  You are encouraged to access this resource and choose your own path depending on your areas of interest.

Writing and Study Skills Seminars

The transition from secondary to university level study is a stimulating challenge for new undergraduates.  To help you to make this transition smoothly and to encourage you to fulfill your potential here, Downing has arranged a series of practical sessions on writing, study and examination skills throughout the academic year.  Attendance at these sessions is strongly recommended.  Not only will the development of these skills help you to improve and hone all aspects of your work here at Cambridge, but they will prove invaluable later on.  Please refer to the full course description and instructions on how to book (available 1 October).  The online booking facility will be available from Monday 14 October onwards.