Downing College Alumni Association - Barrie Hunt (1966)

The Association was founded in 1922 to help alumni keep in touch with the College and with each other.  It now also plays an active role in supporting current students through its Alumni Student Fund.  The Fund uses profits generated by sales of memorabilia to alumni, students, and the general public to make small grants to students for academic-related purposes such as books, travel for conferences and vacation accommodation required for study.  Your Tutor will tell you more about these grants.

The Association is run by an Executive Committee which comprises elected alumni, the Presidents of the JCR and MCR and representatives of the College Fellowship.  Students automatically become life members of the Association on graduation.  You will find further information about the Association in its annual Newsletter and College Record which will be waiting for you on arrival.  The Honorary Secretary of the Association is Simon Walker (1975) who can be contacted on email should you have any further questions.

The College provides a wide range of activities and extra-curricular opportunities.  The Association is sure that you will enjoy your time at Downing through your academic, social, and recreational interests as much as previous generations have.  As in the rest of life, the more you put in, the more you will get out - and there is a lot to be got out of Downing and Cambridge!

On behalf of all Downing alumni I welcome you to the College and wish you every success and happiness during your time at Cambridge.