Please take time to read the following important information relating to health issues, which the College Nurses have collated for you.

The College Nurses can provide you with nursing care, treatment, advice and support within clinic times.  If appropriate, a nurse will visit you in your room if you are ill.  The clinic (room O5) has many health related leaflets and useful information on health matters inside and outside its door for you to help yourself.  During clinic times you can make an appointment on Moodle to see a College Nurse.  Please refer to Downing’s Health pages for further information and clinic times.

At the beginning of September, or following confirmation of your place, you will receive an email with a link to your personalised online health questionnaire, unless you have already completed one as an undergraduate or postgraduate member of Downing.  This will form the basis of your College health notes during your time at Downing, so please give as comprehensive information as possible and complete online by Friday 20 September.

It is important that your immunisations are up to date prior to your arrival in Cambridge; please see the University’s advice and vaccine checklist for newly arriving students regarding the MenACWY (Meningitis), MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and Influenza (flu) vaccinations.  Please make arrangements to be immunised now, if necessary.

All new university entrants including international students, if you are a first year entrant up to 25 years of age, are strongly advised to obtain the MenACWY vaccination from your General Practitioner (GP).  Alternatively, you should request this vaccination from your new GP once registered, if you did not receive the vaccine before arriving in Cambridge.  Please refer to this leaflet for further information.

All new students must register with a College Nurse within the first fortnight of Term, unless you are returning as a postgraduate and previously registered with a College Nurse as an undergraduate or postgraduate. Registration takes less than 10 minutes.  A list of available times for appointments will be posted online from Tuesday 1 October onwards.  Please ensure that you sign up online for a convenient time as soon as you arrive in Cambridge.  Instructions on how to sign up are available here.

The College Nurses respect students' right to privacy.  Information disclosed to a College Nurse is kept strictly confidential.  In line with general medical practice, sharing information without consent would only occur in exceptional circumstances.

Your health information and records are stored and processed in line with current health and personal data protection regulations, as with other health care environments.  The software and database in use are housed in an external secure data centre owned and used exclusively by the providing company offering health industry standard data security.  The supplying company is registered with the Data Protection Registrar.  The College Nurses are the only members of College/University with access to health records by means of a two layer unique login and password.  If, at any time, you would prefer not to have your records stored in this way, please see a College Nurse so that your decision can be recorded and paper records, stored in a locked filing cabinet, used instead.  Health records are retained for 8 years after students have left College.