The sixth and final MCR Virtual Seminar Night of the 2019-2020 academic year is going to take place next Wednesday, July 15 at 5pm!

Kaan Onder will be giving a talk titled 'What happens if you kick a black hole? Quasinormal modes of black holes and holography.'

Kaan's abstract is as follows:

Black holes are remarkable objects but are also mathematically rather simple. Things get much more complicated when we consider them interacting with their surroundings. As matter falls into a black hole, it "shakes" the black hole and causes it to oscillate at certain characteristic frequencies. Just as we can discern a guitar from a saxophone by listening to them, we can study these black hole oscillations to understand its properties. In this non-technical talk, we will start by exploring how black holes arise in General Relativity.

We will then consider these black hole oscillations and understand why they are interesting. This will allow us to examine these oscillations in the context of holography – one of the most exciting developments of modern theoretical physics.

We will send out a registration link in the days before the Seminar.

For Downing College alumni, you can register by emailing:

Molly, Jess, and Jake

MCR Wellness and Education Officers