We are determined that Downing College will be a safe and secure environment.

The safety of the College, its students, and staff is best assured when all members of the community work together in a spirit of shared concern.

The Collegiate University has developed a clear and comprehensive approach to managing the risks associated with COVID-19. You should familiarise yourself with all of the measures and expectations that are involved.

The University and Colleges expect all students to abide by these key principles:

  • Minimise the risks of virus transmission in all aspects of your life. 
  • Limit contact with other people not in your household. 
  • Observe social distancing practices when you go out, keeping at least 2 metres apart wherever possible and taking other precautions, such as wearing a face covering, if it is not possible to stay 2 metres apart. 
  • Sanitise or wash your hands regularly. 
  • Do not leave home if you, or anyone you live with, has symptoms (if you do have symptoms please call the Porters immediately, who will be able to advise you.)

Committed to Community Wellbeing

 In acknowledgement of our commitment to each other and to the wider community, the College Fellowship, staff and current residents have all signed up to the College’s Community Agreement .

All students will receive an email together with a set of documents relating to site safety, which must be read and acknowledged online prior to visiting the College. These are:

Working together and playing together Household Groups in the College environment

Residential students will be living in College in Household Groups. Non-resident students will also be effectively living in households either by themselves or with others.

When in College buildings and grounds, and around the University and City in general, it is essential that you follow the current regulations on how Household Groups should, and should not, interact. The Collegiate University guidance on gathering in social groups can be read here.

  • Within your Household, you do not need to observe social distance or wear a face covering. However, you should have a discussion with other members of your Household to ascertain everyone’s feelings regarding the COVID situation and the degree of risk, with the parameters set by law, that they are prepared to accept. The College would strongly recommend following COVID-safe practices as far as practical, even within the Household spaces. You may find that extra cleaning or ‘Household rules’ make some people feel more secure than they might do otherwise.
  • The current University advice does not support the formation of ‘support bubbles’ to extend residential student Household Groups. This decision has been taken in order to avoid potential conflict or social pressure within the Household Group to ‘bubble’ with a particular friend or partner of a Group member. Residential Household Groups are not permitted to form ‘bubbles’ without permission from the Senior Tutor.
  • When meeting others not in your Household Group under any circumstances, COVID-safe behaviour is required.
  • You may meet people not in your Household group in a group of up to six people from different households. Social distancing must be observed at all times.

Guests in College

  • College members are permitted to bring guests into College as long as COVID-safe rules are followed.
  • If you are meeting in your Household space, you should agree, in advance, with other members of your Household which guests will come and when they will visit. No student should be put in the position of arriving home to find a guest in their Household whom they were not expecting.
  • The maximum number of people in the Household space at any one time, including guests, cannot exceed 6. This is a legal requirement.
  • The only exception to this rule is when the Household comprises more than 6 people in which case, all Household members can be together.
  • As soon as a guest is in the Household space, the total number of people gathered can be no more than 6.
  • Overnight guests should be agreed in advance with other members of the Household Group and the guest and host must follow normal College guest rules, including signing in the guest.