If you are entering the UK from a country that is not exempt from quarantine requirements at the time of your arrival, you will need to go through a period of self-isolation when you come into College. The College will support you during this period, but you must abide by the rules governing self-isolation. 

  • Where possible, you will be able to spend the quarantine period in your term-time room. There may be instances where this is not possible in which case you will be accommodated in a different room. 
  • Many of you will either be self-isolating within your Household Group or your Household Group will include someone who is self-isolating for the purposes of quarantine. 
  • There is no undue risk to any member of the Household due to this arrangement. This model is already in use in other Colleges. There are strict guidelines in place that will need to be followed by all members of the Household. The self-isolating member will have additional rules to follow. The rules are almost identical to those that the Household must follow if a member displays COVID symptoms. 
  • The College has appointed a COVID Isolation Co-ordinator to manage the day-to-day support of those who are self-isolating.  
  • Those due to quarantine are asked, if possible, to arrange a Quarantine Supporter. The Quarantine Supporter will be another student in College, preferably from the same Household, who can assist you with collections of food or other items. If you do not have a friend or associate who can act as a Quarantine Supporter the College will be able to arrange to deliver food from the Catering Department but will not necessarily be able to deliver items received at the Porters' Lodge or provide any other 'to your door' service. 
  • Freshers needing to quarantine will be contacted by the COVID Isolation Co-ordinator to clarify support arrangements. 
  • You will have access to the take-away service provided by the College kitchens. This service is accessed online. If you do not have a Quarantine Supporter, the College will arrange to have the food delivered to your room. 
  • Residence Charge. For students arriving for quarantine, the period of NPR will be considered to begin from the first day in quarantine. Academic commitments permitting, students may leave College after the NPR period is over, thus incurring no further Residence Charge due to quarantine. Should students need to stay in College until the normal end of NPR, then those weeks will be charged in addition to the normal termly Residence Charge. 
  • For the first two weeks of the Michaelmas Term, the Residence Charge for students who are quarantining will be charged at the lower of the band of their quarantine accommodation or their term-time room. 
  • Where the necessity to quarantine causes financial difficulty, students are encouraged to discuss their circumstances with their Tutor. 
  • The document detailing the rules and support for those in quarantine can be downloaded here. Please ensure that you read these carefully. You will be expected to abide by the rules and procedures. The health, safety and wellbeing of the Downing community relies on the considerate and responsible actions of its members.