College places and spaces

We are keen to ensure that all members of the College community, whether resident or living out, are able to make best use of the College facilities. We hope that members who are living out will visit the College and make full use of the facilities that are available.  The information below will be updated as preparations fall into place. If you have questions about particular facilities, please check back regularly.

Porters’ Lodge

The Bursary

The flexibility for visiting the Bursary in person will be reduced. You are advised, where possible, to settle your College accounts via electronic transfer.  If you are an overseas student, then there is the option to settle your College account via TransferMate.   Please refer to the College website for details or else contact the Bursary for assistance.  All College account enquiries should be directed to in the first instance.

The IT Department

The IT Department will be providing a remote support service. Please e-mail with any support queries.

Other places and spaces

The College is keen to provide as wide a range of facilities and activities as possible. The current constraints mean that there are a number of changes to the way that these facilities are used. Many of the facilities will require booking before use. An online booking process is under development and more details will follow in due course.

College Gates

All pedestrian gates will continue to operate by card access as usual for College members. The Howard Gate will remain closed to non-card access during Michaelmas Term. Please ensure that you do not permit ‘tailgating’ by allowing non-members into the College.

The Butterfield Café

The Butterfield Café has been transformed into the Butterfield Taverna. Although the toilets will still be available, there will be no seating or tables inside.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is currently configured for delivering the take-away service. Further uses are under consideration.

Maitland Robinson Library

The library will soon be able to offer access to books through a Request & Collect service; requests will be made by email and book collection will be under the library portico at a pre-arranged time.  We are working towards providing a limited number of socially distanced study spaces within the library which we hope to have available in advance of the start of term. As usual, all Library services will be available to all members of the College community, whether residential or living out.

The Computer Room

The Computer Room is open on request for printing, photocopying and scanning. Printing is via the University DS-Print service as usual. Please mail the Porters ( to arrange access.

Gardens and Grounds

The College gardens and grounds are open as usual for students to enjoy. Please ensure that you observe social distancing and the rules on meeting with other Households Groups.

The Howard Theatre

The Howard Theatre is not currently open for performances. Its availability will be kept under review.

The Gym

The Gym is not currently open. Its availability will be kept under review.

The JCR Party Room

The JCR Party Room is not currently open for use other than access to the toilets as directed by the signs.

The MCR Common Room

The MCR Common Room is not currently open for social use but the possibility of opening up will be kept under review.

The Music Practice Rooms

The Music Practice Rooms will reopen at the beginning of NPR. Further details on booking and procedures for use will be available in due course.

The College pianos

The College pianos are not currently available for use. This decision will be kept under review.

The Tennis Courts

The Tennis Courts will reopen at the beginning of NPR. Further details on booking and the procedures for use will be available in due course.

The Sports Ground

The Sports Ground will reopen at the beginning of NPR for suitable activities. Clubs and Societies should contact the Operations Manager to discuss the safe use of the facilities.

The Boat House

Some facilities will be available for pre-booked activities in the Boat House. Please liaise with the Boat Club Captains regarding availability.