Accommodation in College 

Provision of accommodation outside the Normal Period of Residence

The current situation is exceptional and College accommodation is subject to unusual pressures. The College wishes to ensure that all resident students have the flexibility that they may require to manage their academic attendance.

Accommodation outside the Normal Period of Residence should be applied for via the usual online process.

The Household system

Currently, the College is required to house students in Household Groups. This is an infection control measure and is in accordance with Government and University advice. When you are with other members of your household you do not need to observe social distancing. This means that social interaction with your Household Group can be easier both in your shared accommodation, in College grounds and in public.

Please be aware that it will not necessarily be obvious to others that you are all members of the same Household Group. This may cause confusion or concern around College or in public so please be considerate if your behaviour, particularly regarding social distancing, is queried.

If one of your household Group displays symptoms of COVID-infection, or tests positive in the Asymptomatic Testing Programme, your entire group will be required to self-isolate pending the confirmation of a negative test for infection. In you develop COVID symptoms, you should call the Porters’ Lodge for advice on how the next steps to take. If you or your household are required to isolate for any reason, the College Isolation Support Team will contact you to arrange any support that you may need during this period.


Resident students will be responsible for keeping their rooms clean to a reasonable standard. The Housekeeping Department will clean shared and communal areas and will, from time to time, conduct student room inspections to ensure that rooms are being kept clean, healthy and safe. You will have received a copy of the Residential Student Housekeeping Protocol that details the works entailed. Please look out for emails from the Housekeeping Department regarding communal cleaning, inspections and other housekeeping matters.

Each household will be supplied with cleaning materials. These supplies will be monitored and replenished by the Housekeeping Department during communal area cleaning.

The College has fully equipped all kitchens and there is no longer any necessity for you to provide these items yourselves. If you require additional items from the kitchen inventory, please contact the Housekeeping Department.

Please also be aware that it is even more important at this time to keep shared facilities and shared items as clean and tidy as possible. Please ensure that you wash up, clean up and put items away as soon as you have finished with items so that they are available for others. Domestic Assistants will be sanitising kitchen surfaces during their visits and will not be able to do that effectively if items have been left out.

Kitchen cupboard keys may still be available but you will need to email to request one. Not all kitchen cupboards have keys available for them.  There will be a normal key charge if keys are not returned.

Please note that the College will not store items left in College kitchens after students have departed. Food waste will be disposed of and any other items assumed to be surplus to requirement.